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Performances in Dublin, Aarhus and London


Elizabeth Cameron Dalman (left) plays the Mother

Elizabeth played the role of the Mother in Teac Damsa’s (House of Dance) reinterpretation of Swan Lake in Dublin, Aarhus (Denmark) and Sadlers Wells in London in September and November 2016. The production was judged by The Guardian’s Judith Mackrell as one of her top 10 shows for 2016.

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Plastic Time: a performance by Dancecology from Taiwan

A free performance and dance films followed by conversations with the artists.

Belconnen Arts Centre, 4-5pm Wednesday 8 March 2017.


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What’s been happening so far in 2016?

Elizabeth began the year with involvement in a dance film project entitled En Route directed by Sue Healey. Filming took place in Sydney and Bombala and its surrounding hills. The project was an initiative of the NSW Railways. Watch this space for details of screenings of the finished product.

Then Elizabeth was off to Western Australia for a project with Anything is Valid Dance Theatre directed by Serena Chalker and Quindell Orten. This was a 2 week project in a house in North Perth working with actor, George Shevtsov, and composer, Tristen Parr on a piece called Dust on the Shortbread – the first stage of creative development with more to come next year. Two showings were presented in the house to wildly enthusiastic audiences. This was a new challenge involving the speaking of lots of text!

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L in Adelaide

‘With successors Leigh Warren and Stewart by her side, Dalman bade a dozen or so founding members of ADT stand in their places. The rest of the audience leapt to their feet and cheered them to the roof, a fitting end to a memorable night. –  The Adelaide Advertiser 19 July 2015

On Saturday 18 July Mirramu Dance Company was joined by the current Australian Dance Theatre dancers in an evening of contemporary dance celebrating the 50 year history of ADT, the work of the founders of the company and their first ten years from 1965 to 1975, and Elizabeth’s ongoing professional dance career. It was with considerable satisfaction and excitement that Mirramu took to the stage to honour all of this history and to anticipate what is yet to come. L in the Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre was a wonderful evening full of emotion and joy, aptly  marking such a significant occasion. Audiences and critics alike enjoyed the contrasting performances of the two companies.

Our thanks to all the Mirramu Dancers for their commitment, dedication, hard work and energy throughout this project both in Adelaide and in Queanbeyan: Vivienne Rogis, Miranda Wheen, Janine Proost, Mark Lavery, Amanda Tutalo and Hans David Ahwang. Thanks to Rodney Bates for beautiful lighting design and ever efficient technical direction. Andreas Dalman created the fine musical score for the show and Kimmo Venonnen produced the very effective voice recording. Thanks to the talented and resourceful Sharon Rasker, our costumier, to Sarah Pritchard and Jo Topperwein for stage management and all kinds of assistance. Bravo  to the founders of ADT for their participation in and support of the evening. Thanks to Garry Stewart and the current ADT for joining us on stage and celebrating this milestone, bringing together not just past and present and all that came between but a sense of the bigger story of Australian dance.

As usual, photography and videography were by Writing with Light’s Barbie Robinson and Richard Scherer respectively.

Thanks to our funding body for L in Queanbeyan the NSW Government through Arts NSW and to the Adelaide Festival Centre for assistance in South Australia. The tour to Adelaide was funded by Elizabeth and Mirramu Creative Arts Centre.


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L opens at the Q

Venus Rising from L L opens at the Q for two performances on Wednesday 15 July 10.30am and 7.30pm.

Mirramu Dance Company is proud to celebrate 50 years of contemporary dance in Australia and 50 years of the professional career of its founder. L is much more than this though. L is the story of every life and the challenges we face as we forge our individual paths. L is about belief – the sort of belief every artist has in pursuing the passion to express through art, not just ideas and feelings, but one’s deepest and most vulnerable self.

Thank you to the NSW Government through Arts NSW for supporting the development of this work and its premiere performances in Queanbeyan.

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L features in Michelle Potter’s website

Michelle Potter has published a story about L on her her website On Dancing.
– see

We thank Michelle Potter for her comprehensive and informed coverage of dance in the ACT and beyond.

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The Magnificent Seven: Dancers gather for L

Mirramu Dance Company is delighted to welcome a new dancer to the fold, Hans David Ahwang. Hans is from the Torres Strait form the island of Moa.

He graduated last year from the National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association and has performed with NASIDA and The Arpaka Dance Company from the Torres Strait Islands throughout the Pacific including The Woodford Folk Festival (2009), Australian Dance Awards (2013), The 11th Pacific Arts Festival – Solomon Island (2012), Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (2012 & 2014), WOMAdelaide Festival (2013), Indigenous Leadership Conference (2013) and the Inaugural Homeground Festival at Sydney Opera House directed by Rhonda Roberts.

Hans also has a modelling career. In 2014 he was the only Torres Strait male selected to model in the first Australian Indigenous Fashion Week in Sydney and he has recently returned from Fiji Fashion Week.

The company line-up for L is: Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, Vivienne Rogis (co-founder of Mirramu), long time Mirramu dancer Miranda Wheen, Janine Proost who has just appeared in Strange Attractor in Canberra, and returning dancers Amanda Tutalo (based in Queanbeyan and off stage for a little while having family) and Sydney based Mark Lavery, who was in the original cast of Sapling to Silver in 2011. It is wonderful to have everyone at Mirramu for an intensive two weeks of development work for L.

The show premieres at The Q, Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre with two performances – 10.30am and 7.30pm. Book at or phone 6285 6290.

L then travels to Adelaide for one night only at the Dunstan Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre. This production includes an opening performance of excerpts from Be Your Self by the current Australian Dance Theatre under the direction of Garry Stewart.

Book for L Adelaide at or phone 131 246.

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When Australian Dance Theatre founder Elizabeth Cameron Dalman brings her current company Mirramu Dance Company to the Dunstan Playhouse in the Adelaide Festival Theatre Centre on 18 July with her production of L, it is particularly fitting that the current company under Garry Stewart will perform as her guests an excerpt from Be Your Self to open the evening.

To be yourself was indeed a mantra for the fledgling company of the 1960s and 70s, and one which Dalman has continued to espouse in her own more than 50 year professional career. At 81 she still dances, teaches, mentors and choreographs around Australia and travels regularly overseas as a guest dance elder.

L is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an Adelaide audience to see where being herself has led Dalman and to experience a unique moment in Australian dance history with this coming together of past and present on stage in one performance only. It will also be a significant professional return for Dr Dalman, who founded Australian Dance Theatre on 10 June 1965 in Adelaide and was its Artistic Director for 10 years.

The development of L from the seminal work Sapling to Silver (2011, Canberra) and its NSW season has been supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW, but with funding not forthcoming from the Australia Council for the Arts for the Adelaide leg of the project, Elizabeth decided to fund it herself – it was too important a landmark in Australian dance history to let it pass unnoticed – and she immediately invited the current Australian Dance Theatre to join her.

Praise for Elizabeth Cameron Dalman and Sapling to Silver

  • Robyn Archer Artistic Director of the Canberra Centenary said of Sapling to Silver: ‘This was without doubt the finest dance performance I have seen in Canberra in the last two years and it rates with the best in the nation.’
  • Michelle Potter, a leader in the field of dance writing and criticism and the inaugural curator of dance at the National Library of Australia, reviewing for The Canberra Times described Sapling to Silver as ‘a brave and beautiful work’.
  • Bill Stephens reviewing for the Canberra edition of City News wrote, ‘it was both astonishing and moving to witness her remarkable performance in this extraordinarily important program’.

Information is at

Online bookings for L at The Dunstan Playhouse search for Mirramu Dance Company at: or phone 131 246.
Still from L

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Book for L at The Q

We are pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for L at The Q in Queanbeyan.

Based on Sapling to Silver, a seminal work made in 2011, L brings together six established members of Mirramu Dance Company  – Artistic Director Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, company co-founder Vivienne Rogis, Miranda Wheen, Janine Proost, Amanda Tutalo and Mark Lavery. Joining the company for the first time is NAISDA graduate, Torres Strait Islander Hans David Ahwang.

Incorporating some of the most significant choreographies of the early years of Australian Dance Theatre in the 60s and 70s, L also weaves into its story works from each decade to the present day. Although L has strong autobiographical elements, it is also a profoundly human story that speaks of everyone’s experience of life, loss and the getting of wisdom, stories of the greatest elation and the deepest despair.

L is a contemporary dance theatre work celebrating life from the wildness of youth to the process of ageing. L asks the fundamental question – how to live a vibrant life to the end. L tells everyone’s story through the story of one remarkable life spent dancing.

Fifty only comes once. Mirramu Dance Company invites you to celebrate L.TI ARTS logo colour cmyk

Mirramu Dance Company is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.


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Critics acclaim Fortuity

Fortuity has now finished its season at the Courtyard Studio Canberra Theatre Centre. Mirramu would like to thank the Canberra Theatre Centre for its magnificent support of the Fortuity project. Read More…

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Fortuity begins second weekend

The second weekend of Fortuity, perhaps not surprisingly, also beings a new program. People who came last weekend will see some of the same material if they come again, but mostly a lot of new work and certainly a ‘new show’ with a very different feel.

Our Friday audience certainly enjoyed it and got us off to a great start for the last part of the project. Bookings for Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2.30pm with a short informal artists’ forum to follow.

Pictured Vivienne, Miranda and  Elizabeth in Tango Lament


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Fortuity T-shirts now available

T-shirtsWe love our new Fortuity T-shirts – here are most of us in them outside the Courtyard Studio.

Our Fortuity T shirts will be available at the theatre for $25.

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Second week of Fortuity

Janine Proost in FortuityJust as the fabulous Janine Proost is flying through the air to Peter Paul and Mary, so is the season of Fortuity flying.

This week you can happen upon us with our micro performances:

  • at Canberra Museum and Gallery on Wednesday 13 May at 12 noon
  • at the National Museum of Australia on Thursday 14 May at 12 noon

BUT don’t whatever you do miss the stage production of Fortuity at the Courtyard. Just three shows left

  • 6pm on Friday 15 May  – nice and early for these wintry nights.Come straight from work and go out to dinner afterwards or rush home to warm your toes
  • 8pm on Saturday 16 May
  • 2.30pm on Sunday 17 May, followed by a brief informal forum with the artists – a great chance to ask questions up close and personal.

Read what Bill Stephens had to say at

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