2023 Summer Solstice celebrated at Mirramu

Friends of Mirramu gathered on Thursday 21 December 2023 to celebrate the summer solstice.

Peng Hsiao-yin (Grace) from Dancecology Taiwan is visiting Mirramu over Christmas and she was one of the performers to delight audience on the night.

There were also musical performances by trio Nicole (vocals), Rita (cello) and Geordie (guitar) and members of A Chorus of Women, who sang peace songs by the late Glenda Coughley. Debora Di Centa performed a dance in homage to nature.

The finale by Elizabeth Cameron Dalman and Grace was a tribute to both summer and winter solstices.

Despite the wintery weather a good time was had by all and everyone joined in the community dancing after the formal performances.

Photography by Barbie Robinson, Writing With Light. Click on an image to show a larger version.

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