Dance in Nature residency March 2023

Photographs of the workshop and Elizabeth Cameron Dalman’s book preview at Gorman House on Friday 17 March 2023.

Fundraising performance for BigHart at Terroux Peace Garden near Hall on 18 March 2023

Alison Plevey, Dance in Nature workshop 24 March 2023

Perrformance at Mirramu, 26 March 2023

Photographs Barbie Robinson, Writing with Light

  • Ming-shen Ku solo – Sound of Water
  • Somebody’s Aunt – Ngijong Horizon
  • Ku and Dancers, Dancecology and Vivienne Rogis – Picnic
  • The Training Ground Larina Bagic and Joshua Walsh pas de deux – Multiformity
  • Liz Lea – Twilight
  • Ku and Dancers duet
  • Chen Furong – Double Happiness Link
  • Elizabeth Cameron Dalman solo – Blue Honey
  • Vivienne Rogis solo – Mirramu Dreaming
  • Alison Plevey with Cora (Australian Dance Party) – A study of Persephone
  • Debora di Centa – Volare
  • Ku and Dancers trio
  • Vivienne Rogis and Elizabeth Cameron Dalman duet
  • Grace (Hsaio Yin Peng) solo – The Land is our Novel
  • Chen Furong and Olivia (Chen Yi-ching) duet – Spring begins
  • The GOLDs – Gathering Threads
  • RH Dance duet – One
  • Dancecology and Ku and Dancers – Decode

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