90th Birthday Celebrations – Saturday 20 January 2024

Friends of Elizabeth gathered at Mirramu to celebrate her 90th birthday. Ngambri Elder Shane Mortimer, who traces his connection to country back through nine generations of Ngambri women, welcomed guests to country.

Fittingly, long time members of Mirramu Dance Company, Vivienne Rogis, Miranda Wheen and Amanda Tutalo, began the afternoon’s program of entertainment.

They were followed by members of Australian Dance Party including two of the dancers’ babies and by the Golds, an over 55s dance group originally formed in 2010/11 by Philip Piggin and Liz Lea and still going strong.

There were further musical and dance performances in the studio, followed by speeches and a cake cutting, marking this significant birthday.

Thanks to Andreas and Bernadette for party organisation and Alison Plevey for co-ordination of the entertainment.

Photographs: Richard Scherer, Writing With Light

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