Finishing 2015 – a year of celebration

Already lots has been said about 2015 – it was a year of celebration with the 50th anniversary of Australian Dance Theatre and Mirramu’s suite of performances and events in Canberra and Adelaide. Fortuity and L showcased Elizabeth’s signature works and saw collaborations with Dancecology from Taiwan and Australian Dance Theatre.

We were fortunate to be supported by Arts NSW and artsACT for our local projects and went all out with personal; funding for the very important Adelaide season at the Festival Theatre Centre. Photographs: Barbie Robinson

TAIWAN  –  TNUA and Tsai Jui Yueh Festival

Elizabeth worked as guest lecturer at the Taipei National University of the Arts for four months from September 2015.

She also participated again in the Tsai Jui Yueh International Dance Festival mounting three sections of Tango Lament from Mirramu Dance Company’s repertoire.  Vivienne Rogis and Hans Ahwang-Ware joined Elizabeth for the festival and together they danced a new version of Tree Spirit. Hans also performed a Torres Strait Island dance.

Elizabeth joined Dancecology for several events and was one of the teachers for their three-day Dance in the Environment workshop. Grace and Elizabeth spoke to members of the Taipei Wilderness Society about their intention through site-specific and nature inspired works to bring people’s awareness to environmental issues.