2016 – new directions and exciting projects

2016 was a year of transition and progression for Elizabeth and  Mirramu with many and varied opportunities to share with other artists. 

In Perth WA – working with Serena Chalker and Quindell Orton from Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre in Perth on their new project – Dust on the Short Bread. Elizabeth worked with actor George Shevtsov on this production. This is a site-alternative performance set in a house in North Perth. exploring the lives of an older couple; the tension between maintaining independence and vitality and the effects of dementia in the ageing process. This work explores a generational connection to the comforts of home.

In Sydney –  working with Sue Healey on her film En Route. This was a great experience traveling to Sydney for a shoot on the railway lines at Carriage Works and then up to Cooma for filming on some very old regional railway stations. The film is now complete and recently was showing on a new panorama screen at the Wynyard train Station in Sydney. Congratulations to Sue for her great work, her camera-man, Judd Overton, and the rest of the team. Photos supplied by Elizabeth Cameron-Dalman.

Auckland, New Zealand – attending the un-Disciplining Dance Symposium in Auckland, New Zealand. Elizabeth presented a paper entitled Embodiment of the Land.

In Ireland  – and the beginning of an amazing new adventure. Elizabeth was accepted into Michael Keegan Dolan’s dance theatre company, Teac Damsa, to perform in his new version of Swan Lake – Loch na hEala. It was an exciting adventure to travel to Ireland and to work with Michael and his team of performers, musicians, designers, technicians and management. They are a wonderful group of people coming from many different parts of the globe – Ireland, England, France, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Korea, Belgium and Australia.  After 6 – 8 weeks of preparation the troupe moved to Tallaght near Dublin for two performances.

Aarhuis.theatreFrom there the tour went to:

  • Dublin proper for nine performances as a part of the 2016 Dublin Theatre Festival
  • Aarhus in Denmark for two performances in a gorgeous old style theatre (pictured).
  • Sadlers Wells Theatre in London. This for Elizabeth was the highlight in a wonderful theatre where nearly 800 people came each night.

The production received excellent reviews everywhere. It was listed by Judith Mackrell from the Guardian in London as one of the 10 best productions in Great Britain for 2016. Loch na hEala/Swan Lake was awarded  best production and best costume design for 2016 in  the Irish Times Theatre Awards.

Cadenet, France  –  attending a special Mobius Kiryuho workshop in Cadenet, France. This was a celebration of the work of Master Kajo Tsuboi in France during the past 30 years.