Kyoko Sato

Kyoko began studies with the founder of Mobius Kiryuho, Kajo Tsuboi in 1979.

She has been a Mobius Kiryuho practitioner for 20 years. She teaches throughout Japan and travels regularly to France, Germany, Belgium and Italy to give courses in this art of Flowing Movement.

Her performance experiences began in 1987 at the Theatre d’Alliance in Paris. Since then she has appeared at Hinoemata Festival ’89’ (Japan) and the Jeu des Critures Theatre Festival (France). In 1990 she received a Fellowship from the Japan Foundation and the AFA in France. She has also appeared as a guest artist in Paris, Colmar, Mulhouse and Thionville in France. In 1992 she demonstrated Mobius Kiryuho at the International Symposium of Body Art, ‘Autre Pas’ and in 1995 performed in ‘Uzutama’ in Paris. In 1997 she studied the relationship between the moving structure of the Polyhedron and body-movement (The relationship between Ki and material). The structure was discovered and designed by American architect Richard Buckminster-Fuller.

She performed ‘Ether of Form’ at ‘Eggs of Mobius Exhibition’ in Tokyo and took a workshop with the Polyhedron structure at Kamakura Prefectural Modern Art Museum (2001). She collaborates with visual artists, poets, singers, plastic artists and many more.

In 1999 she appeared in ‘Flow of Life, Life of Flow’ for Weereewa-A Festival of Lake George and in 2001 she received a Fellowship from the Japan Foundation to participate in the creative development of ‘Silk’.

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