Janine Proost

Janine Proost grew up in The Netherlands and moved to Melbourne in 2010.

She studied at Codarts (Rotterdam Dance Academy) and London Contemporary Dance School where she graduated with a BA(Hons) in Contemporary Dance. In Europe she performed with independent choreographers including Luhndahl & Seitl, Cie. Wili Dorner, Eva Recacha, and as a member of improvisation ensemble The Trumpetcreepers.

She created several short works, which have been presented at theatres and alternative locations in The Netherlands, England and Denmark. A highlight of her time in London was her role as curator of Ear Me Now: a performance, video and sound art event in 2010.

In Australia Janine has performed her solo The Fist at Short+Sweet Dance Canberra, was granted a space residency at Lucy Guerin Inc, presented situation, a new short work at Lucy Guerin Inc’s Pieces for Small Spaces, and choreographed for Four Elements community arts festival at Mirramu Arts Centre.

In 2013 Janine develops her new full-length work POTENTIAL, works on Facedance by Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen, and performs in interdisciplinary project No Place by Adelina Larsson. Janine has recently obtained a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) and is experimenting with new ways to merge her passion for a resilient Earth-based culture with her dance practice.


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