Albert David

Albert David

Albert David

Albert was born and brought up in the Torres Strait Island of Turtlehead Island.  He graduated from NAISDA in 1994.

For six years he toured extensively in community areas and internationally with Bangarra Dance Theatre.

As a freelance independent dance artist he danced in Scars, 2001 with Jason Pitt. In 2002 he performed in The Australian Ballet’s production of Spartacus and produced and performed in his own work Giz. Albert worked on the creative development of WWW – Water, Water, Water in 2001 and appeared with Mirramu Dance Company in their Silk & Sun production in The Playhouse in Canberra in 2004.

In 2003 and 2005 Albert performed in The Looking Glass and Liquid Centre productions by Vivienne Rogis. In 2005 he performed with Mirramu Dance Company in Desert Silk in Adelaide. In 2006 he performed in Waves of the Desert for the National Multicultural Festival in Canberra and was involved in the Lake Blues presentation in 2006.

Albert travelled to Canada in 2006 to choreograph for the Canadian Indigenous Dance Company. He has taught at several Croc festivals and is an inspiring mentor and teacher for young people. In 2008 Albert performed in Tango Lament for the company’s National Multicultural Festival presentation of that year.

He later appeared in the company’s Inside Out program performing in the work-in-progress Showing of All the Rivers Don’t Run. In 2009 he appeared in the River production in Canberra.


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