Posted by: Richard | August 2, 2015

L in Adelaide

‘With successors Leigh Warren and Stewart by her side, Dalman bade a dozen or so founding members of ADT stand in their places. The rest of the audience leapt to their feet and cheered them to the roof, a fitting end to a memorable night. –  The Adelaide Advertiser 19 July 2015

On Saturday 18 July Mirramu Dance Company was joined by the current Australian Dance Theatre dancers in an evening of contemporary dance celebrating the 50 year history of ADT, the work of the founders of the company and their first ten years from 1965 to 1975, and Elizabeth’s ongoing professional dance career. It was with considerable satisfaction and excitement that Mirramu took to the stage to honour all of this history and to anticipate what is yet to come. L in the Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre was a wonderful evening full of emotion and joy, aptly  marking such a significant occasion. Audiences and critics alike enjoyed the contrasting performances of the two companies.

Our thanks to all the Mirramu Dancers for their commitment, dedication, hard work and energy throughout this project both in Adelaide and in Queanbeyan: Vivienne Rogis, Miranda Wheen, Janine Proost, Mark Lavery, Amanda Tutalo and Hans David Ahwang. Thanks to Rodney Bates for beautiful lighting design and ever efficient technical direction. Andreas Dalman created the fine musical score for the show and Kimmo Venonnen produced the very effective voice recording. Thanks to the talented and resourceful Sharon Rasker, our costumier, to Sarah Pritchard and Jo Topperwein for stage management and all kinds of assistance. Bravo  to the founders of ADT for their participation in and support of the evening. Thanks to Garry Stewart and the current ADT for joining us on stage and celebrating this milestone, bringing together not just past and present and all that came between but a sense of the bigger story of Australian dance.

As usual, photography and videography were by Writing with Light’s Barbie Robinson and Richard Scherer respectively.

Thanks to our funding body for L in Queanbeyan the NSW Government through Arts NSW and to the Adelaide Festival Centre for assistance in South Australia. The tour to Adelaide was funded by Elizabeth and Mirramu Creative Arts Centre.




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