Posted by: Richard | June 6, 2015

Book for L at The Q

We are pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for L at The Q in Queanbeyan.

Based on Sapling to Silver, a seminal work made in 2011, L brings together six established members of Mirramu Dance Company  – Artistic Director Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, company co-founder Vivienne Rogis, Miranda Wheen, Janine Proost, Amanda Tutalo and Mark Lavery. Joining the company for the first time is NAISDA graduate, Torres Strait Islander Hans David Ahwang.

Incorporating some of the most significant choreographies of the early years of Australian Dance Theatre in the 60s and 70s, L also weaves into its story works from each decade to the present day. Although L has strong autobiographical elements, it is also a profoundly human story that speaks of everyone’s experience of life, loss and the getting of wisdom, stories of the greatest elation and the deepest despair.

L is a contemporary dance theatre work celebrating life from the wildness of youth to the process of ageing. L asks the fundamental question – how to live a vibrant life to the end. L tells everyone’s story through the story of one remarkable life spent dancing.

Fifty only comes once. Mirramu Dance Company invites you to celebrate L.TI ARTS logo colour cmyk

Mirramu Dance Company is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.




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