Posted by: Richard | May 13, 2015

Second week of Fortuity

Janine Proost in FortuityJust as the fabulous Janine Proost is flying through the air to Peter Paul and Mary, so is the season of Fortuity flying.

This week you can happen upon us with our micro performances:

  • at Canberra Museum and Gallery on Wednesday 13 May at 12 noon
  • at the National Museum of Australia on Thursday 14 May at 12 noon

BUT don’t whatever you do miss the stage production of Fortuity at the Courtyard. Just three shows left

  • 6pm on Friday 15 May  – nice and early for these wintry nights.Come straight from work and go out to dinner afterwards or rush home to warm your toes
  • 8pm on Saturday 16 May
  • 2.30pm on Sunday 17 May, followed by a brief informal forum with the artists – a great chance to ask questions up close and personal.

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