Posted by: Richard | April 20, 2015

African Dance Workshop during Dance Week: Dance for Power

Mirramu Creative Arts Centre –  Ben-at-Gunghalin-Festival-forwebSunday 3 May 2pm–5pm

This event is a fundraiser for Manyuchi School in the Mt Darwin area in North Eastern Zimbabwe. Mirramu is supporting the effort to raise $700 so that the school can get the electricity connected.

Our friend Ben from Zambezi Sounds has a long family connection with the school – he was there in years 6 and 7 and was the school captain. Three of his nephews have also been school captains and his elder brother was a teacher there.

Elizabeth has studied African dance since the 1960s with teachers including Eleo Pomare, René Deshautiers and Germaine Acogny at her School of the Sands in Senegal. In this workshop participants will learn various African dance styles. Live music will be provided by Felix Simba Machiridza & Ben Mutandadzi of Zambezi Sounds and Charles Kocker from Sierra Leone.

Enrolment is by donation $30 per person. All funds raised will go to Manyuchi School. All the artists are donating their time to this cause.

Phone our booking number 0419 492 658 to register your interest.

African dance workshop flier



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