Posted by: Richard | August 24, 2013

Choreolab in Austria

August – Choreolab: STONE bound_BODY motion

The 2013 International ChoreoLab Austria (ICLA) organized by Tanz Atelier Wien took place at the Art & Nature Sanctuary in St. Margarethen, Burgenland in east Austria from 24th August to 1st September 2013.

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Sculptures and land art manifestations, made from stones cut out of the ancient quarry nearby, dotted the landscape, reminding us of the International Sculptors’ Symposia Movement, initiated by the sculptor Karl Prantl (1923-2010). These huge sculptures, all made without machinery, were the inspiration for many creative workshops during the ChoreoLab. Some dance-in-nature improvisations were presented on the final day to an audience of about 100 who came from nearby villages as well as from Vienna, an hour’s drive away.

Choreographer, Sebastian Prantl and pianist, Cecilia Li, artistic directors of Tanz Atelier Wien initiated ICLA in 2009. ICLA’s objective is art-based research into the interface of body, mind and nature aiming to lift choreography out of the confines of stage production.



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