Posted by: Richard | December 27, 2012

Summer Solstice

Despite a heavy downpour during the early afternoon of Saturday 15 December, the summer solstice festivities at Mirramu went ahead and the weather held long enough for visitors to enjoy all the outdoor performances.

Contemporary dance group Dancecology from Taiwan joined Elizabeth Cameron Dalman to present two works in the landscape. The first took advantage of the lake vista with all its amazing colours and was staged on the dam. The second was a more intimate piece set amidst the sculptures of Mirramu’s resident sculptor Jeffrey Frith. The action then moved into the studio where Dancecology’s Grace, Olivia and BK delighted the audience, showing yet another dimension to their dance repertoire with a piece called ‘Crystal’.

The traditional Mirramu circle dancing followed with participants joining in dances from around the world, finishing with an Australian Kangaroo dance and finally a meditation movement spiral. Picnics were had inside the studio as heavy rain was by then falling along with the darkness.

Mirramu said farewell to Dancecology the next day but we look forward to their next visit and to future projects with this remarkable group.

We wish our friends, patrons and supporters a happy and peaceful end to the year and hope to see many of you at the exciting events we have planned for 2013.

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