Posted by: Richard | June 4, 2012

November-December: Danceology

DanceologyTaiwanese dance company Dancecology will visit Mirramu for three weeks both to develop work which responds to the Australian landscape and to present performances of their repertoire in outdoor venues in Canberra and at Mirramu’s annual Summer Solstice celebrations. This year the Solstice celebrations at Mirramu will be held a little earlier so as not to brush too closely with Christmas.

Combining performance and visual art, Dancecology’s works break the restrictions of the traditional stage and present unique environmental theatre focussing on the concerns of many people with the state of the natural world today..

Peng, Hsiao-yin (Grace,) the Artistic Director and choreographer of Dancecology and member of The Neo-classic Dance Company, graduated from the Graduate School of Choreography at Taipei National University of the Arts, and the Agronomy Department, National Taiwan University in October 2009.  Hsiao-yin and some of her friends from different fields of the Arts  – image design, photography, installation design and performing arts – created the Dancecology company as a new way to present contemporary performance art.


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